Haas spindle repair and rebuild

Dec 18, 2023 | Latest News

American machine tool builder Haas build a wide range of quality machine tools. Due to their popularity in the UK, CNC Repair (UK) Ltd repair & rebuild a high number of Haas VMC & lathe spindles every year returning them back to original factory performance. Due to the volume of Haas spindles we rebuild; we carry significant levels of stock items enabling CNC Repair (UK) Ltd to repair your spindle within three to five days of customer approval. All spindle repairs are backed by a complete warranty and our reputation of OEM-quality spindle repairs.

Some of the more common Haas spindle performance issues that we resolve for customers are:

  • Noisy, contaminated, or damaged bearings
  • Increased vibration
  • Damaged drawbar clamping mechanism
  • Poor component surface finish

A spindle repair at CNC Repair (UK) Ltd is a fully comprehensive service, including the restoration of critical faces such as taper grinding, bearing journals / bearing seating & worn drive dogs. The spindle will undergo ultrasonic cleaning & be re-built using new super precision spindle bearings, drawbar disc springs & seal’s etc within our purpose-built cleanroom. We then perform high-speed balancing to eliminate vibration using the latest Hofmann balancing & diagnostic equipment, this extends bearing life and improves component surface finish before full function tests on our dedicated inspection rigs. CNC Repair (UK) Ltd prides itself of offering a full service for our customers responding promptly to remove your damaged Haas spindle, with all operations of the repair controlled “in house” this provides CNC machine tool users with a high-quality alternative to higher-priced OEM spindle repairs.

For expert Haas spindle repair or to arrange a visit to our facility, please call us (freephone) on 0800 043 1800 for a quote. We are fast, experienced, and our work is guaranteed.

haas spindle repair and rebuild


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