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Haas spindle repair and rebuild

American machine tool builder Haas build a wide range of quality machine tools. Due to their popularity in the UK, CNC Repair (UK) Ltd repair & rebuild a high number of Haas VMC & lathe...

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Reckerth Spindle Repair

Reckerth manufactures high speed, high rigidity spindle’s which are very popular with companies that perform precise milling, drilling & grinding operations. At CNC we offer a comprehensive...

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Spindle Repair – PFG Vtech

A customer suffered a collision on their purpose built large VMC which had resulted in damaging the spindle. The spindle was removed by our Engineer's & inspected at our facility. We identified...

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Spindle Repair – Okuma LB25

An Okuma LB25 lathe which formed part of an important process for our customer suffered bearing failure and siezed up in operation. The spindle was removed onsite, cleaned, inspected & measured....

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Spindle Repair – Mazak Intergrex

Removal & in house repair of a Mazak Intergrex milling head spindle for an Aerospace customer. ContactTel: 0800 043 1800 Email: support@cncrepair.co.uk CNC Repair (UK) Limited Unit 4 Spalding...

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THK linear rail replacement (Automotive)

An Automotive customer suffered a failure of their linear rails (guide blocks had collapsed) on a twin spindle lathe. The production line was critical to operations & replacements from THK were...

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Mazak Spindle Repair & Rebuild (Aerospace)

One of today’s jobs, a Mazak HMC built in spindle, refurbished by CNC Repair (UK) Ltd being refitted by one of Engineers in only 4 hours. Maintaining excellence for major manufacturers.  ...

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Looking For CNC Repair or CNC Machine Tool Services?

CNC Repair (UK) Ltd can provide you with an ‘in house’ CNC maintenance support package manning our customer’s sites on both a long and short time basis.


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